Polywork: What the Newcomer Network Has to Offer for Users and Companies [5 Reading Tips]

Polywork Business Network Reading Tips
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It is nothing new that social networks are constantly trying to outdo each other with new trends and features. The business network LinkedIn is also increasingly relying on updates to win over users.

The newcomer platform Polywork takes a completely new approach to networking in a professional context. Unlike LinkedIn and XING, the network breaks away from stringent career paths and gives users the opportunity to exchange views on different project areas – in other words: poly + work.

Polywork: Project Experience Instead of Career Level

The platform is less about degrees and job levels and more about talent, experience as well as interest in future projects. Users can add various keywords and experiences to their profile and indicate their willingness to take on certain tasks by means of badges.

Polywork Business Network Reading Tips

The newsfeed, which is called »Multiverse« here, allows users to share the results of their work with the network. Not only does this make it possible to impress with concrete references, but it also gives users the opportunity to enter into an exchange with others whose badges indicate similar tasks and interests. Those who look for the like button or the comment field in these highlights (comparable to posts on other platforms) do so in vain. The platform has decided not to use these features so that the focus is on collaboration and not on who gets the most likes.

Polywork Business Network Reading Tips

In the »Space Station«, companies can search specifically for users who are interested in collaborating in certain areas. From hosting podcasts to beta testing and investment: they can find just about anything here.

This offers enormous potential, especially for young companies, as it gives them the opportunity to access expertise without having to hire staff on a long-term basis.

Polywork Is Exclusive

Just like the audio platform Clubhouse, the new business network can only be accessed upon an individual invitation by another user. Alternatively, it is possible to be put on a waiting list. When we tried it out, we ended up in position 26,109.

Polywork Business Network Reading Tips

In the USA, the network has become an indispensable part of the everyday working lives of millennials and Generation Z, which is why it is also increasingly supported by investors. German companies, however, are rather sceptical when it comes to employees with frequently changing or parallel jobs.

It will be interesting to see whether this trend will also prevail here in Germany or whether it will quickly fade into oblivion again – just like Clubhouse.

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