How to Recognise an Incompetent SEO Agency

SEO Alarmzeichen Photo: L.C.Nøttaasen

Everyone, who has dealt with SEO in any way shape or form, knows that the branch is once again in a state of radical change. The transition to high quality content is finally taking place, after many popular Google strategies were made impossible. However, no everyone has realised that there are still ‘old-school’ SEO agencies out there. How can you recognise if yours is one of them?

7 SEO recommendations, at which you should change agencies:

  • The sentence “we know the secret to Google” is on the website
  • An increase in page ranking is presented as a success
  • The page is registered with search engines
  • The agency gives guarantees on rankings
  • They accept €500 per month for building up a shop’s coverage
  • They concentrate solely on external factors and link building in this context
  • In order to extend coverage, they focus on guest articles and link exchange, thereby busying themselves in sending emails to bloggers and online journalists

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