Google Optimize Is Shutting Down: These Are the Top 5 Alternative Tools

Google Optimize Is Shutting Down: These Are the Top 5 Alternative Tools
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A sad announcement for many companies: the free and widely popular tool Google Optimize as well as the paid extension Optimize 360 will be discontinued at the end of September this year.

In this Handelskraft article, you can find out which alternative tools there are to the Google product, what to look out for when making the switch and what other forms of A/B testing are possible apart from the tools for client-side A/B testing. Here are our top 5 alternatives in a nutshell.

Google Optimize and A/B Testing: What Is Behind It?

Since the 2012 launch of Google Optimize, small and medium-sized enterprises in particular have been able to optimise their key performance indicators (KPIs) in a simple way in order to act in a targeted and sales-promoting manner.

The areas of application of A/B testing with Google Optimize are diverse. Not only can marketers measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, but they can also compare differently structured product pages and checkout processes in the field of e-commerce. The tool also makes it easy to compare design elements such as the layout, colours or fonts of a website.

Google Optimize enjoys a high level of recognition among users and leads the market with a share of over 70%. Not only does it successfully stand up to the most common service requirements in A/B tests, but it also comes with a number of other advantages.

First and foremost, the user-friendly and free-of-charge use as well as the seamless integration into the Google suite are highly appealing. Additionally, it is possible to run up to five tests in parallel, define up to three KPIs per A/B test – one primary and two subordinate KPIs – and carry out multivariate tests.

However, A/B testing via Google Optimize will come to an end in autumn of this year. Regarding the shutdown of the tool, Google’s official blog states that some A/B testing features will be transferred to Google Analytics 4 using third-party interfaces and that further solutions are being worked on. Yet it is still unclear when and how exactly these will be available.

That is why we strongly advise you to save the information and past test data from Google Optimize before it is switched off. Above all, however, it is important to learn about alternative options for A/B testing early on in order to guarantee an effortless switch.

Google Optimize: The Top 5 Alternatives

Adobe Target

  • Unique selling point: flexible licencing and configuration options, omnichannel personalisation as well as integration into the Adobe universe
  • References: a multitude of companies use this tool, including big players such as Vodafone, Douglas, Audible and Merkle
  • Pricing: individual creation of a package depending on product options, volume and omnichannel deployment
  • Furthermore: users of Adobe Commerce are likely to benefit from synergy effects with the Adobe Target extension


  • Unique selling point: very good mobile, TV and messenger testing options thanks to full stack development
  • References: over 9,000 companies, including Tchibo, TUI, METRO and myToys
  • Pricing: three basic packages – one for web testing, one for app testing and one for commerce testing – with subdivision into further packages depending on the range of features
  • Furthermore: well suited for beginners without prior knowledge due to its simple usability

AB Tasty

  • Unique selling point: AI-powered personalisation and segmentation options
  • References: over 900 companies, including Allianz, Sephora, Panasonic and L’Oréal
  • Pricing: individual creation of a package upon request
  • Furthermore: addition of extra elements such as social proof or countdown banners is possible


  • Unique selling point: diverse customisation options
  • References: over 6,000 customers from more than 90 countries, including Target, eBay, Disney and AMD
  • Pricing: a free version as well as three other packages are available
  • Furthermore: appealing clarity of the dashboard and funnel


  • Unique selling point: excellent support and flexible financing options
  • References: over 5,000 brands, including Sony, UNICEF and Conversion Rate Experts
  • Pricing: five packages are available, starting at $99 a month
  • Furthermore: a free trial version can be used for 15 days

Google Optimize: What Other A/B Testing Options Are There?

This was a compact overview of alternative A/B testing tools. It should be noted that the coming weeks and months will probably bring a lot of changes to the market for A/B testing tools. There will certainly be a reshuffle.

Competitors to Google Optimize will be working hard to improve their offerings and features in order to bring stranded businesses into the safe haven of A/B testing. We will of course keep you up to date on the latest developments here on the Handelskraft blog.

If you want to go one step further in this reorientation phase, you also have the option of enabling A/B testing directly on your server. Since this method applies changes on the server side and not only in the front end based on the original website, more complex test scenarios can be realised.

Selected systems already come with their own solutions for evaluation – alternatively, you can connect certain A/B testing tools via third-party providers, which then take over the statistical calculations. We will present this server-side A/B testing to you in the coming weeks here on the Handelskraft blog – stay tuned!

Google Optimize and A/B Testing Alternatives: Download the White Paper for Free Now!

To help you keep track of your options, dotSource will support you in selecting and implementing a suitable alternative tool to Google Optimize under careful consideration of your individual requirements. We can also advise you on the development of complex test environments.

A/B Testing White Paper

Furthermore, the »A/B Testing« white paper can serve as a guide for smart testing, no matter whether you are a newbie or a pro. In addition to some tips and tricks, the white paper also shows you how to achieve the optimal test results in order to gain more conversions. Fill out the form now and receive a free copy in your inbox!

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