Statistics on Mobile Shopping: Post PC Era Not in Site

Steve Jobs was wrong – despite smartphone shopping, PCs are still here. Search and purchase decisions are increasingly happening via mobile. However, conversion via smartphone has not risen significantly. Reasons surely include old habits and a lack of trust in payment finalisation via smartphone. Perhaps a lot of people shop from they workstation while are they are work. “certainly not always to the edification of their bosses.”

Mobile Opportunity Gap
Our behaviour with mobile – Source: The Mobile Opportunity Gap

Because of the heightened use of mobile end devices, one could think that desk top computers have become unattractive in the mean-time. “Missed by a mile.” Smartphones and tablets complete the shopper’s online search. Up to now, the steady conversion rate has not translated into less time on desktop computers. Mobile devices are deployed more strongly for research, while the purchase is finalised on the desktop computer.

Google has now taken on this new challenge. The customer’s surfer behaviour on different devices is supported to be displayed with “Universal Analytics”. Marketers can spread their campaigns better and address the customer exactly according to their needs. The dotSource-Mobile-Commerce-Whitepaper also goes into detail on how wish lists and other functions can be used to move the customer towards order finalisation.


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