Digital Leadership: What Skills Managers Need to Have [5 Reading Tips]

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It is nothing new that companies have to digitalise their processes in order to remain successful. However, they still neglect the fact that the implementation of innovative projects requires comprehensive changes in the entire organisation. An essential component is the availability of digital leadership skills.

Digital Leadership Replaces Existing Management Approaches

It is not only contact with customers that is becoming increasingly digital; everyday working life is changing as well. Hybrid office models, dealing with new systems and agile working methods require a complete overhaul of existing management approaches.

Hierarchical leadership, as can often be found in large companies, does not work when it comes to collaboration in virtual teams. Employees increasingly want flat hierarchies and more flexibility. Team leaders should involve their employees in decision-making processes at an early stage, make information centrally available and ensure extensive two-way communication.

Dynamic companies also see constant change within teams. When new employees join the team, change positions within the company or take a career break, team cohesion and workflows must not be compromised.

Digital Leadership Requires Trust

This way, managers become all-rounders – in addition to comprehensive digital know-how and dealing with new methods of project work, they need to be very sensitive when it comes to the needs of their employees. It is not for nothing that new leadership models such as »vulnerable leadership« are becoming more and more popular. Empathy instead of strict delegation promotes a constructive feedback culture as well as a productive working atmosphere.

Consequently, investing in training for experienced managers is not only important to meet the changing demands of customers, but also to remain attractive as an employer.

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