Updated White Paper: »Comparing PIM and MDM Systems«

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Anyone who wants to sell a product must present it well. That isn’t just the case for stationary retail, but online as well. High-quality product data should therefore be the highest priority in all companies, regardless of industry and size. Today’s customers expect everyone who sells products to have accurate, complete, high-quality, and consistent product data across all channels.
Due to the increasing variety of distribution channels that need to be recorded with specific content (such as an online shop, an app, and various print catalogues), this expectation couldn’t always be met by many companies.

Why do you need a PIM system?

Faulty product data has a negative effect on the conversion rate and the customer lifetime value in e-commerce. If incorrect product data is output, this will increase the return rate, diminish margins, and drive marketing costs for acquisition unnecessarily high.

This is where an efficient PIM system comes in: By consolidating all available data, it can not only reduce wastefulness within the company, but also maximize customer satisfaction in the long term. What’s needed here, is the right software.

How do you choose the right PIM or MDM software?

But how do you choose the right solution in an e-commerce world? Is a PIM itself sufficient, or do you also need an MDM? How can the existing Software providers be distinguished?

Our updated white paper »Selecting Product Management Software: Comparing PIM and MDM Systems« is a guide that helps retailers and manufacturers decide.

This white paper provides an overview of each relevant competitor adapted to the German-speaking market and compares these with 23 criteria in the categories vendor, software, technology, and functionalities.

dotSource Vendor Matrix Product Data Management

dotSource Vendor Matrix PIM
Source: dotSource

The updated dotSource Vendor Matrix PIM classifies the providers into the categories “Beginners and Niche Players”, “Strategic Innovators”, “Technical Innovators”, and “Leading Providers”. What is considered: Stibo Systems, Informatica, Riversand, Contentserv, Akeneo, Pimcore, and inRiver.

Download for free now!

page1tbOur new whitepaper »Selecting Product Management Software« is now available for free to download. In addition to a detailed look at the vendors on the market, including the brand new dotSource PIM Vendor Matrix, the white paper contains all the information on system evaluation and selection and provides the necessary food for thought before a launch.

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