PIM and DAM Software – Providers and Systems Compared [Updated White Paper]

PIM and DAM Software – Providers and Systems Compared Updated White Paper
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The first impression is crucial. Whether we like someone, whether we find a website appealing – the first few milliseconds are key. In e-commerce, however, it takes more than just a good impression to guide customers to the checkout and generate sales. Consistent product data is incredibly important in this regard.

But what exactly is product data? How can its quality be optimised? What role do product information management (PIM) and digital asset management (DAM) systems play here? And how do you select the right solution for your business? Our updated white paper provides you with all the answers!

Selecting PIM Software: The Ultimate Guide

In our »Selecting PIM and DAM Software – Product Information and Digital Asset Management Systems and Providers Compared« white paper, you can find more than 70 pages of knowledge on the topic of product data and related media data.

Anyone who has ever dealt with this topic knows that product data maintenance in an ERP system or directly in an e-commerce solution can cause problems in the long run. Consequently, if you want your company to grow successfully, you should familiarise yourself with intelligent ways to increase product data quality.

PIM systems help avoid duplicates and manage existing data wisely. Ideally, a PIM system should become your company’s »single source of truth«.

However, since every company has different product data sets, different customers and different staffing as well as financial requirements, there is no »one fits all« solution. As a chapter heading in the white paper makes clear, good product information management is a »process instead of (a) one-off action« and suitable software must be selected carefully and with an eye to the long-term digitalisation strategy.

PIM Software Compared: From Akeneo and Contentserv to Stibo Systems

Besides a PIM and DAM guide as well as valuable tips on data optimisation, the comparison of providers is the centrepiece of our strategy paper.

Eight leading PIM providers were evaluated in different modes. Graphics clearly classify the solutions – and the dotSource PIM vendor matrix brings together the results.

The white paper mainly elaborates on the solutions’ strengths and weaknesses, their integration into existing system landscapes and their specific target groups. This way, you can generate useful knowledge – even before a potential consulting session – in order to get closer to finding the right solution.

Evaluating DAM Software: Making the Most of Media Assets

When talking about first impressions, we inevitably think of visuals: pictures say more than… well, you already know. Efficiently managing images and other media assets, such as a published white paper in PDF format or a video, editing them directly via interfaces and distributing them to various channels: that is the job of digital asset management systems – or of integrated DAM features in a PIM system.

The updated white paper provides a thorough overview here as well: Which system has which built-in features? Which external DAM providers are a viable option for your company? Especially with data sets that require a lot of storage space, duplicates and a lack of structure are major obstacles to success.

Selecting PIM and DAM Software: Download the White Paper for Free Now!

In our white paper, we have comprehensively evaluated and compared the most efficient and recommendable PIM/DAM providers on the DACH market. Find out

PIM and DAM Software – Providers and Systems Compared Updated White Paper

  • how PIM systems can help you build an efficient product data structure and boost your e-business sales
  • why you need future-proof digital asset management
  • which PIM solution offers which range of features and which DAM tools can easily be integrated into your system landscape

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