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Diagnosing diseases via Google has proven to be unreliable. If you search long enough with your own symptoms, you’ll get, with almost 100% certainly, the same diagnosis: Cancer!

The situation is different with a data-driven health diagnosis. Wearables such as fitness bands, heart rate monitors, and activity trackers can provide data that was otherwise measured only by a long-term ECG. Also, digital blood sugar meters for diabetes patients are for many, normal.

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Redefining subscription models, refining customer services [5 Reading Tips]

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Source: Fxquadro – Fotolia
In a digital world where time flies and place is changing, it is becoming more difficult to convince the modern customer that a product or service is worth their time. In order to do so, retailers are experimenting with new ways of interaction with the objective of surprising and offering a good value, putting the focus on providing best-in-class services and offerings.
In this context, I have primarily looked at the future of subscription models wondering what kind of model will endure and appeal to the modern customer. The answer to this question has definitely something to do with flexibility and personalisation, as this is the way marked by some successful start-ups such as Hellofresh.

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