Shopware implements emotional shopping with these features

Shopware 5There has to be a way to get the things which work in stationary retail into online shops – the e-commerce developers for Shopeware, coming from Schöppingen, are sure to have had this thought as well. With yesterday’s release of Shopware 5, the team committed themselves to “emotional shopping. On any device.” Shopware is following the trend in e-commerce 2015 with their penchant for a very individual and personalised shopping experience.

Standing out from other systems

We were only recently asking ourselves what shop system is best for a B2B shop. Thanks to the features of the fifth version published to date, Shopware did well. Although it still has to be field tested in B2B, we’re loving their emotional shopping. At least in B2C business, it seems to be a sure thing and they are aggressively using it set themselves apart from OXID and Magento etc.

Of course, tapping into the feelings of the customer is nothing new. For instance, colours can create various emotions and eventually lead to a purchase. Past debates on gender commerce or social shopping also show that customer address should happen through subjective elements. ABOUT YOU showed how to address young people with personalised and naturally emotionally laden platform for instance.

Der Feed von ABOUT YOU
The feed from ABOUT YOU

So there are already individual and emotional shopping experiences around. Shopware just wants to take things further and make it easier for shop operators to implement experience worlds in the future. Whether on the PC, tablet or smartphone – basically “on any device.”

Was can shopware 5 do?

‘Mir nichts dir nichts’ didn’t simply release the new version from Schöppingen yesterday. There was a successful marketing campaign leading up to the release. The Shopware team was underway in Germany for many weeks and presented the approx. 30 min promotional film in selected cinemas. The Shopware stall at the Internet World 2015 also had a lot of visitors.


What can the new system do in detail?

  • The customer is supposed to have fun browsing. Quickview and Sideview help to provide a quick view of articles.
  • Landing pages of the corresponding shopping world are adjusted to the device used.
  • Responsive is a big topic. So the off canvas menus are optimised to be touchscreen controlled. The front-end menu can also be completely indivualised.
  • Features like momentum scrolling or pinch to zoom in galleries show how important availability on every device is.
  • With the topic manager module, the storefront can be highly personalised: logo, font, colours – you can implement everything you need to strengthen your brand with the topic manager.
  • You can also configure features, like an off canvas shopping cart or a checkout header, with the topic manager.
  • Price, ratings, availability, shipping costs, colour, material or manufacturers – the 5th versions allows you to filter products according to these attributes. You can also apply multiple filters at once.

The cade basis must surely be splitting at the seams with these features…wrong! This is also a promise of the updated e-commerce shop system version: the code is supposed to stay slim, despite uncountable features and lots of space for individualisation.

» Shopware is based on extremely high powered software architecture, which is based on cutting edge technologies. «

This is should strongly improve performance. Shopware 5 uses the PHP-Framework Symfony 2 (PHP 5.4).

Hymns of praise are being sung everywhere you look…justifiably!?

A mobile and best possible peronsalised shopping experience is one if the e-commerce trends 2015 – Shopware 5 serves this purpose very well. All features seem to be designed to provide the customer with a real shopping experience online as well. What could go wrong?

The reason Shopware 5 is currently getting so much attention is probably due to the fact that the competition Magento and Oxid don’t have any good news to share at the moment. While we’ve already been waiting for Magento version 2 for 5 years, Oxid are only taking tiny steps forward, if at all. and the community is observing this with suspicion.

It has to be tested

The German developer seems to be in a very good position with the 5th version in the non-enterprise area for small and mid-sized companies. But the software has to prove itself in the field. Most of all, it is the technology which should be under examination – anyone can promise good performance. The mobile usability and touch gestures also need testing. So far Shopware 5 gets tops marks under the proviso: show us what you Schöppingers can do.

Our shopsystem whitepaper

shopsystem auswahlbtw, we introduce more solution providers for the middle-field in our shop system white paper. We put enterprise solutions like Hybris, IBM or Intershop under the microscope.If you’re looking for a detailed overview of current shop systems, you can download our shop system whitepaper here free of charge.

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