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We like to listen to the radio when we drive, cook food, and work out. Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk’s (MDR) stations, for example, reach around three million people each day and these listeners represent an interesting potential for companies that want to advertise in central Germany. But how do the spots actually get on the radio? You can book times ad slots as a customer that’ll be marketed and sponsored.

On, MDR-Werbung GmbH (MDRW) shows off their selection, where beside advertisement slots, sponsoring, and events are available, users can purchase the results of the annual Central German Brand Study. The project, which MDR-W GmbH implemented together with dotSource within just a few weeks, demonstrates how the subsidiary of MDR was able to fundamentally modernise its online presence and, above all, improve usability on mobile devices.

Modern web design and corporate identity

The aim of the website relaunch was to provide advertisers and agencies with a portal that reflects the quality and professionalism of MDR-W, but at the same time makes them want to advertise MDR’s radio programs.

The redesign should be based on current design trends, but also reflect the corporate identity of the MDR. The new website should be intuitive to use, allowing interested parties to quickly answer key questions and guide them to knowledgeable contacts.

The dotSource UX design team supported MDR-W both in the design phase, the implementation of the screen design, and the fully-responsive design of the new website.

With the extensive redesign, MDR-W offers a sustainable modern user experience that strengthens the reputable image of the company. The dotSource design team was particularly pleased with the choice of colours for a good mix of corporate identity in public service broadcasting and its own MDR-W accents.
Nicole Tuchard-Schmidt, Head of the Communication Department of MDR Advertising, says about the new design:

The new MDRW website is modern and intuitive. It reflects the image of MDRW as a competent and professional contact for radio advertising and sponsoring in Central Germany. We have now taken the next, consistent step in bringing the benefits of MDRW closer to our prospective and current customers

Modern web design: Best usability on all devices

The fully-responsive design allows MDR-W to quickly get all the relevant information from both desktop and mobile devices.

The desktop version uses a split-screen and highlights interaction surfaces with a hover effect as soon as you touch them with the cursor. In the mobile version, the menu is elegantly hidden by so-called accordions and fan out as needed. With icons that have a high recognition value so that the contact person or even the shopping cart is always in a user’s view.

Download the MDR-Werbung case study now!

Case Study MDR-Werbung Coverbild Even more information about the project is in the current case study. You can download it here, for free! Experts at dotSource are happy to advise and support you, be it in the development of individual digital strategies or the further development of existing processes.

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