The editors of the Handelskraft blog from the city of light Jena. In dotSource’s offices, we investigate every which moves the e-commerce branch for our readers. The location Jena is perfectly suited to this: the branch continues to grow in the East-Thuringian state and there is even talk of an e-commerce campus. The Ernst-Abbe technical university offers an e-commerce degree and Intershop have their HQ in the Jentower. Thanks to over 20,000 students, Jena is not only an innovative business location, but a young, vital town.

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A Big Thank You for a Wonderful First Jana E-Commerce Breakfast

Thuringia (and especially Jena) doesn’t have to hide! That much was clear after the last Handelskraft e-commerce breakfast for 2014. Together with 15 local traders and manufacturers, we discussed the future of e-commerce with Jochen Krisch. We talked about more than just Amazon or even e-commerce in general.

After all, the challenges are growing well beyond the framework of e-commerce. All businesses have to address the topic of digitalen Transformation and the discussion has long included areas such as online marketing or data management. The cross-overs are increasing on the technical and strategic levels and the direction this journey could take is demonstrated by branch trail blazers, such as “About You.”

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