Jena, Berlin, the world: dotSource tries out online work station for overseas staff [internal matters]

Photo: Ruth

When the parallel callings of job and an international family started to clash, our company translator asked for permission work online from Japan for a few months. As digital is our trade, dotSource was happy to try out flexible digital working options. This comes at a time when we have already started looking at new options to meet our increasing staff requirements, like our new co-working space in Berlin.

With our advanced ticketing system, the change of view from the Jena tower to sakura has posed no great challenge. There been a few technological surprises though. For instance, the ATMs close when the banks do and people still tend to get paid in cash with a personal thank you from the boss, but touch payment with your mobile has been standard for years, while the phones themselves had the same functionalities as smartphones and whatsApp long before the hype reached Europe. With stationary stores opening online shops, and digital companies opening up show rooms, could this contradictory world be a more realistic combination of human nature, habit and the digital transformation in Europe as well?

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