The editors of the Handelskraft blog from the city of light Jena. In dotSource’s offices, we investigate every which moves the e-commerce branch for our readers. The location Jena is perfectly suited to this: the branch continues to grow in the East-Thuringian state and there is even talk of an e-commerce campus. The Ernst-Abbe technical university offers an e-commerce degree and Intershop have their HQ in the Jentower. Thanks to over 20,000 students, Jena is not only an innovative business location, but a young, vital town.

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One data system to Hospital 2.0

health and computer
Source: pexels

German hospitals aren’t exactly known for being digital pioneers: Lots of paper with handwritten notes, x-ray prints, and hardly usable digital health insurance cards. A long way from what Hollywood shows medical facilities to be like. In these shows and movies, doctors are far from reality. Using tablets at a patient’s bedside to show the patient their fracture on a digital x-ray with an animation to help explain what happened internally. The German consortium SMITH wants to use a standardised data system to take the first steps towards efficient patient management so that the digital transformation can finally begin in these hospitals.

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Digital Platforms – Building Digital Business Models Step by Step [Part 2]

Source: Arena
Source: Arena

In the first part of the new »Digital Platforms« series, we explained how marketing, sales, and services are changing through innovations and which challenges arise through disruptive business models. In the second part, we’ll first answer the following questions:

  • What are digital platforms and how do they work?
  • What are the requirements for the introduction of a digital platform?
  • What are the most important processes and functions?
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Digital platforms – Challenges through new and disruptive business models [part 1]

Quelle: pixabay
Source: pixabay

At the end of September 2018, Microsoft, Adobe and SAP announced at Ignite Conference in Orlando that they would like to work closely together in the future. The aim of digital companies is to facilitate the exchange of customer data between different applications with the Open Data Initiative. The initiative is not limited to the solutions of the three companies, but should also be available to other providers. Microsoft hopes to develop the data exchange on its own cloud platform Azure. Adobe and SAP have also published their own cloud solutions for their systems in recent years. But isn’t the cloud Salesforce’s territory? Can SAP, Microsoft, and Adobe even use cloud computing?

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New blogger on board


Hi there,

I’m Franziska Kunz and I’ve been a part of the Handelskraft team as a new blogger since April 2018. Together with Oli, Sara, and Nico, I explore digital trends to keep our content creation pipeline on track.

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Content is K(l)ing – New Blogger on Board

Bild: dotSource GmbH | Ebenbild
Photo: dotSource GmbH | Ebenbild

Hi, I’m Oliver Kling. I haven’t introduced myself yet and want to catch up on this now.

For 21 days now I’ve been calling the dotSource marketing team my new professional home. I am here to x-ray the colourful and speedy world of digital commerce in all its facets on and together with my colleague Sara. We know that we’re following in big footsteps, but we are brave enough to face this challenge.

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Problem solved: friendly people save stationary trade

Jena Einkaufsstrasse
Photo: Torsten Maue

To summarise a trader comparison done in 141 cities: the ten most friendly traders are in Jena. Jena, the “the centre of digital commerce” took the lead among the middle German cities. In the categories: friendliness, quality of consultation, and value for money, owner-operated businesses got best ratings.

» The upward trend is continuing with an increase of 0.4 percentage points. This is a really positive result for Jena when you think that not all cities can expect a positive trend in a repeat examination.

Marc ­Loibl, MF Consulting, head of the study «

The fathers of the city and the local press (“Friendly traders work in Jena”) are celebrating, and the traders should also give themselves a pat on the back. So customers enjoy going into shops. Possible problems and development trends just have to be pushed aside here.

But from an e-commerce perspective, all this feel-good journalism makes me quite queazy:

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A Big Thank You for a Wonderful First Jana E-Commerce Breakfast

Thuringia (and especially Jena) doesn’t have to hide! That much was clear after the last Handelskraft e-commerce breakfast for 2014. Together with 15 local traders and manufacturers, we discussed the future of e-commerce with Jochen Krisch. We talked about more than just Amazon or even e-commerce in general.

After all, the challenges are growing well beyond the framework of e-commerce. All businesses have to address the topic of digitalen Transformation and the discussion has long included areas such as online marketing or data management. The cross-overs are increasing on the technical and strategic levels and the direction this journey could take is demonstrated by branch trail blazers, such as “About You.”

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