Is German B2B Supply also Missing the Boat?

Artikelzahl Amazon SupplyThe price competition which is normal for every competing trader at Amazon, is also part of life for manufactures and the industry. Those who offer exclusive and complex products as well as the fitting logistics can relax for a bit. Everyone else has to watch Amazon’s supply catalogue grow and thrive, invariably ruining their prices.

This is also a warning for Alexander Graf. In the USA, Würth equivalent Grainer is already feeling that which awaits companies even in medium-size influenced German – despite having a much more innovative line up that is normal here.

Amazon Supply
Invented by Satan himself: Amazon Supply

It is not necessarily Amazon’s fault. Rather, Jeff Bezos is acting as apocalyptic rider in B2B as well, because he is the fastest there. Whatever way you look at it, even the industry cannot save itself from the digitalisation of their business processes and models. In our white paper “E-Commerce Potential in B2B” we have already shown the way.

This process does not just include advantages. Heretically, you could say that although online marketing brings in new customers, is also brings in those that are interested in a quick deal instead of long term customer relationships. This would destroy the B2B ideal.

Those who let themselves be intimidated by such concerns and wait, will still lose out in the long term. There is still time to think again and look forward in order not to replicate the painful fate of the book trade. Together with bvh CEO Martin Groß-Albenhausen, we discussed this topic next week at our first B2B breakfast in Stuttgart.

Find out more: Whitepaper “E-Commerce Potential in B2B”


In our new whitepaper, we answer the question, what e-commerce can do for brand owners and industry. Every B2B customer is also a B2C customer and calls for a correspondingly up-to-date user experience. Improved service, automatized client acquisition and deployment opportunities for mobile end devices are addressed, as well as process optimisation. Download free of charge here .

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