3 E-Commerce Problems B2B players Laugh At

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3 E-Commerce Problems B2B players Laugh At

E-commerce is still new ground in B2B and there is a lot to catch up on to reach the maturity of the B2C industry. However, there is no need to catch up in some areas. Because of the different legal situations, greater experience in logistics and customer contact, some of the problems cropping up at every B2C conference are simply not an issue in B2B. Three examples:

How do we manage to provide some day delivery to our customers?

Decentralised warehouse structure, shops as inner-city warehouse, soon Amozon will know what is going to be ordered in the near future and it will be delivered by taxi drivers, or even the crowd – same day delivery- is one huge experiment. Naturally, no one in B2B is talking about same day delivery.

Returns are ruining our business!

Returns burn a large hole in the books in B2C online trade, especially in the area of fashion. The new EU consumer law allows traders to generally pass on all costs to the customer; however, this is a particularly sensitive issue when it comes to shipping costs. There are no return laws of this scale in B2B trade.

We need to get to know our customers better!

The customer is a mysterious creature. Now big data is supposed to address the problem and achieve a personal customer approach. This problem is barely heard of in B2B – customer relationships are set to be long term. One knows the customer personally through regular telephone communication, allowing offers to be tailored – without big data.

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