eBay Turbulence: What will happen with Magento?

Magento IconThere are signs of a storm at eBay. Ever since the announcement of the PayPal spin-off there have been rumors of defeat.

In the past few weeks is has become public that there is more than speculation behind this. eBay announced that they have fired 2,400 staff and are looking for new options for eBay enterprise, which include Magento. IPO or selling are both possibilities. The fact that the business unit no longer had high priority with eBay has been clear for a while, and hasn’t been a secret since the last Meet Magento. What more surprising is that eBay Enterprise recently announced a new logistics centre in Halle, which is supposed to facilitate fast shipping within Germany.

In any case it will be a relief when Magento (finally) pulls out of eBay’s pitiful self-discovery phase and can celebrate a (long overdue) come back with Magneto 2. We have already commented on the deplorable lack of status quo last year and are now hoping for fresh wind!

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