Corporate Podcasts: How Strong Brands Make Themselves Heard [5 Reading Tips]

Corporate Podcasts Reading Tips
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There are many ways to reach your target audience. Successful brands use cross-channel marketing to combine online, offline and multimedia customer experiences. Corporate podcasts are becoming increasingly popular as a way to engage potential customers on their journey and give them more context about products and services. However, this popular medium can only be successful if the concept is well thought out, including technical know-how and talented hosts.

Corporate Podcasts Strengthen Your Brand

The number of podcast listeners is increasing every year. According to Statista, 38 per cent of Germans listened to podcasts last year; in 2016, it was half as many. This is mainly due to the fact that this medium can be consumed just about anywhere – on the train, while doing sports or while shopping.

You can accompany your listeners through their daily lives, which builds a bond with consumers and strengthens their trust and loyalty to your brand.

On Spotify alone, listeners can choose from more than 2.2 million podcasts, including about 50,000 in German.

It is a challenge for companies to set themselves apart from the competition. A podcast is particularly worthwhile if you have a very specific target audience and offer products and services that provide (and need) a lot of room for explanation and additional input.

Our client STIHL, for example, a supplier of forestry, gardening and landscaping equipment, hosts the »That’s How We Grow« podcast on the topic of gardening.

Corporate Podcasts Need a Concept

If others can do it, so can you. For sure. But just because »everyone« does it does not mean they do it well. That is why, as with all other marketing formats, you first need to develop a comprehensive concept before releasing your corporate podcast.

It is important to know who you want to reach and what specific content your listeners are interested in.

Another aspect is scheduling and personnel planning. Who in your team would be a good podcast host? How regularly do you want episodes to be released? Can you technically produce the format or do you need further training? Once you have made a promise to your listeners, they will be disappointed if no new episode is released at the usual time.

Corporate Podcasts Must Be Present

An omnichannel strategy is also important when it comes to the distribution of your podcast. Besides Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud and Audible, your podcast should be visible on your website as well.

Especially when you start a new podcast, it is important to make your community aware of it. Let them be a part of the creation process. Share exciting behind the scenes insights on your social media channels and announce new episodes.

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