Accessibility on the Web – Why It Will Become Mandatory for Digital Business by 2025 at the Latest [5 Reading Tips]

Accessibility Reading Tips
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It was a few years ago when the author of this text fell flat on her face. She got her bicycle tyres caught in tram tracks and ended up on the ground. Despite wearing a helmet, she lost an incisor, her face was covered with abrasions and one kneecap and one foot were broken. Ouch.

Initially, this meant using a wheelchair, then crutches – and continuing to study at a time, in a city and at a university where accessibility and digital learning were still unheard of. Fortunately, it also meant not being permanently handicapped and dependent on accessibility. What is it like today? Why is accessibility much more than just step-free access to a public building? What needs to be considered in e-business and what does a European directive have to do with it? Many questions, important questions. We will take a closer look at them – in five easy-to-understand sections followed by five reading tips.

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Five Recommendations on Product Experience Management from Akeneo’s Global B2B Survey 2020

Product Experience Management Akeneo B2B
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Our partner Akeneo is one of the leading providers of PIM systems worldwide. With Akeneo, companies bring together all the data relevant to a product and can channel intelligently which data is displayed where and when. In today’s guest article, Akeneo summarises what it takes to provide brands, retailers and manufacturers with a consistent and complete customer experience across all sales channels.

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