GAIO: How to Increase Your Brand’s Visibility for AI Chatbots

GAIO Generative AI Optimisation
Source: dotSource

AI chatbots are changing the way people look for information, products and services online. The large language model (LLM) ChatGPT alone boasts an estimated 1.4 billion users. That’s an increase of one billion (!) in comparison to the tool’s launch in January 2023.

Consequently, models like ChatGPT, Google Bard and Google Search Generative Experience are increasingly influencing your customers’ purchasing decisions.

You should rethink how you provide information as a company. Because this will decide whether your content meets the new requirements of chatbots. Generative AI optimisation (GAIO) is the magic word and the digital marketing discipline of the moment.

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Database Publishing: 3 Steps to Automatically Publish Your Product Data as Print Media

Database Publishing Header
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To keep customers excited, companies have to reinvent themselves over and over again. Interesting products, digital experiences and a presence on relevant platforms are a must for all brands that want to be remembered.

With its rather antiquated image, print does not exactly spring to mind when it comes to modern media. And yet, appealing and personalised print media offer potential – especially now – to stand out from the crowd.

With PIM & MDM for Print, the creation of compelling print media in line with corporate design standards is not only quick and easy, but also personalised.

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The AI Revolution: How to Use Artificial Intelligence to Drive Your Digital Business Forward

AI Revolution Header
Source: Leonardo.AI | edited by dotSource

In a world where bits and bytes are the currency and music plays to the beat of algorithms, there is one force that is turning your digital business world upside down: artificial intelligence (AI).

In this new era, AI is taking centre stage in almost every aspect of digital business. From automated processes to personalised customer interactions, it is fundamentally changing the way businesses operate and grow. Find out in this article what you need to do to use AI in your business.

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Motion Design as a Success Factor: 6 Tips on How to Improve the Usability and User Experience of Your Digital Products with Web Animation

Motion Design Header
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We all know them. The funny little images or memes that move. The ones we like to send each other via Microsoft Teams to express our mood as accurately as possible.

An excellent tool to convey a message without too many words. And somehow, it works even better when the content is animated than when it is static. One could say: a picture is worth a thousand words – and an animation is worth a thousand pictures.

These GIFs are a great gimmick. So great that Teams added a separate button to the chat toolbar for them. But seriously, this form of communication is not wildly successful for no reason.

There are several good arguments for the use of GIFs, which can add value to your business even outside of chat messages. And there is no need to limit ourselves to GIFs, which is probably the most well-known, but only one of many common formats for displaying moving content on the web.

Instead, this article will focus on the general use of motion design in the digital context and show you how you can leverage it to optimise user experience, usability and your brand identity. But let us start from the beginning.

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Resilience Is a Question of Leadership: 13 Tips on How to Benefit from a Modern Leadership Culture

Modern Leadership at dotSource SE
Modern Leadership at dotSource SE

» Employees do not leave jobs, they leave managers. «

Dr. Travis Bradberry, author and expert on emotional intelligence

Dissatisfaction at work adds fuel to the fire that companies have been trying to put out for years: a shortage of skilled labour.

One of the main reasons people leave their companies is the relationship to their managers. Although laying all the blame on one person or one group of people may seem like the easy way out, the fact that more and more employees are quietly or actually quitting should incentivise those in leadership roles to reflect on their leadership style.

The figures published in Gallup’s Engagement Index confirm this:

  • 61% of German employees will no longer be with their current employer in three years
  • By way of comparison, only 35% of employees could imagine changing jobs within 3 years in 2018
  • Quiet quitting has also increased exponentially: 87% of employees are not emotionally attached to their place of work – a fact that costs the German economy between 118.1 and 151.1 billion euros every year

How can the management level actively

  • ensure that employee satisfaction is established as a top priority of New Work in the company?
  • contribute to improving employee satisfaction themselves?
  • reduce the number of resignations?
  • make work in the company attractive to new talent?
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Internationalisation in E-Business: 7 Steps to Success Beyond Borders

Internationalisation in E-Business: 7 Steps to Success
Source: Unsplash/Ben White

Driving the internationalisation of your business is more attractive today than ever before. There are plenty of reasons for this. First and foremost, the constant advances in information technology and increasing mobility make it easier to operate on the international stage.

But is it really as uncomplicated as it seems? Probably not, since even the largest corporations sometimes plan their entry into a new market years in advance. If you want to drive the internationalisation of your business, this article will provide you with tips, tricks and the most important aspects to consider in your expansion plans.

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Strategic B2B E-Commerce: More Success in Your Digital Business

B2B E-Commerce_Handelskraft
Source: iStock/yoh4nn

The journey to business success is always a unique one. When it comes to B2B, i.e. business-to-business commerce, this statement is especially true. Here, customer relationships are more complex, requests more individual and expectations higher. To meet these requirements, B2B companies need a modern and, above all, holistic digital strategy.

In this article, you will learn how to implement modern B2B e-commerce strategies and which solutions are best suited to your company.

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KPIs in Digital Business: 5 Tips to Make Your Success Measurable

KPIs for Digital Business Success
Source: Unsplash/ThisisEngineering

Data is abundant in the digital world. Companies gather, store and hoard it, but only a few really know how to use it. However, the right figures can be indispensable in helping you accurately assess your performance and uncover optimisation potential. What do you need to achieve this?

The right key performance indicators (KPIs)! Combined with the right strategy, these allow you to measure progress in your business processes and adjust your activities in accordance with your goals.

Find out in today’s article which KPIs play an important role in digital business and how you can strategically use them for your company!

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Handelskraft Trend Book 2023 »Digital Horizon« – Out Now!

Handelskraft Trend Book 2023 Out Now
Download the Handelskraft Trend Book 2023 »Digital Horizon« for free now!

Digital solutions make possible what was long considered impossible: faster processes, lower costs, greater customer loyalty – but not only that!

Companies that know how to take advantage of current business trends and put existing strategies to the test are resilient and capable of overcoming any challenges, no matter how daunting.

In our new trend book, we present the topics that will stand out on the digital horizon in 2023. With analyses and concrete practical examples, we provide you with food for thought and action regarding trends such as D2C, composable commerce and green IT. Download the Handelskraft Trend Book 2023 »Digital Horizon« for free now and secure a successful future!

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Mobile Apps as a New Sales Channel: Strategy and Design in 4 Steps

Mobile Apps_Handelskraft
Source: Unsplash/UX Indonesia

They are our daily companions: mobile apps on our smartphones count our steps, manage our photos and give us suggestions on what to have for dinner and who to go out on a date with. Consumers have particularly grown to appreciate the benefits of shopping apps: do your shopping anywhere and at any time, whether on the train or between two espressos in your favourite café.

Over half of all online purchases are now made on mobile devices. In Germany, revenue generated with mobile apps almost doubled to more than 3 billion euros between 2018 and 2021 alone. Harness the potential of your own mobile app and take a decisive step towards an omnichannel strategy.

Companies like Sonderpreis Baumarkt lead by example – in this case with the »Macher« app. Their own mobile app helps them increase the availability of their services and provide their customers with further added value.

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