WhatsApp for Business: The final conquest of mobile moments? [5 Reading Tips]

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After months of speculation WhatsApp finally announced the release of their business app: WhatsApp Business. This will enable SMEs to build even closer customer relationships and facilitate customer contact. And that’s just when consumer behaviour becomes more mobile and brands are trying to capture those mobile moments.

Conquering mobile moments

The digital customer is always on. They spend an average of 149 minutes a day using their smartphone. During this time, brands try to cover more turf to grab their customers’attention. For this, marketing strategies have to be revised and new formats should be taken advantage of. Valuable marketing in mobile moments satisfies the customer’s desire for information, entertainment, and experience in their individual worlds.

And this is where messenger marketing plays an increasingly important role.

According to Google, consumers are not just looking for products and services, but rather for the best solutions to suit their needs. They expect brands to give them valuable hints to make informed purchasing decisions. These expectations can be met through direct contact, personal contact, and interesting/targeted content.

With WhatsApp Business, the messaging service is said to have made it easier for small businesses to respond and advise customers, separate customers from private messaging, extract relevant data, and enhance business visibility.

Nothing is changing for current users, so they can continue to use WhatsApp without additional downloads and maintain control over the messages they receive.

Possibilities of interaction

Marketing with mobile moments allows activity between brands and users. Customers expect connected and personal interaction, personalised offerings, and faster and better coordinated customer service. Messenger marketing is driving a new kind of customer communication forward, that is more direct, closer, and mobile.

WhatsApp is a good option for any company that wants to share news and valuable content with its customers on a regular basis and also wants to provide a quick channel of dialogue. As a result, companies send newsletters, discounts, news, and surveys and can also tell exactly who is receiving their messages. That’s because today’s consumers use news apps, whether WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, as a daily channel of communication.

The individual world of each customer presents marketers with new challenges. There are more and more opportunities to stay in touch with customers and to strengthen these mobile customer experiences.

In the end, the question is whether your marketing strategy is currently adding to your customers’ mobile moments and, if so, to what extent. Creativity, speed, high quality content, and courage are needed. Hellmanns, the regional agent of Regio NRW and MYPROTEIN are just a few examples of companies participating in this new world of messenger marketing.

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