Updated whitepaper “Selecting E-Commerce Software” available

Whitepaper E-Commerce Software auswählenOur white paper “Selecting E-Commerce Software: Providers and Technologies Compared,” which first appeared in September 2013 has now been updated.

Naturally, current discussions on shop systems have been included. For weekly updates, we also recommend Roman Zenner’s Shoptech-Blog

What’s new?

    • Entry solutions (1&1, shopify, WOOCommerce, Rakuten) are introduced, as well as middle segment solutions (Shopware, xt:Commerce, Oxid, Magento CE)
    • All profiles and ratings for enterprise system providers have been updated
    • We have also arranged all the most important mid-sized and enterprise e-commerce systems (incl. DACH perspectives) in a matrix:
dotSource Shopsystem Pitch DACH
(c) dotSource Shopsystem Pitch (from DACH-Perspektive)

The overview of enterprise system providers Demandware, hybris, IBM WebSphere Commerce, Intershop, and Magento EE is also updated. These are compared against 25 critiques at the end of the whitepaper.

hybris, Intershop, IBM Websphere Commerce, Magento und Demandware im Vergleich
Comparison of e-commerce software providers and technologies(c) dotSource GmbH

The white paper can be ordered for free on our homepage. Merchants and manufacturers from the areas of fashion, publishing, shipping trade, and B2B are welcome to download it here free of charge.

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