Updated white paper: »E-Commerce Potential in B2B – What can e-commerce and m-commerce do for your business?«


The Internet has been made not only for B2C purposes. The expansion and growth of Amazon Business and Alibaba proved it. It was a matter of time that B2B companies also embraced the digitalisation of marketing and sales and influenced how sellers and buyers interact. According to a Forrester Research, 93 percent of B2B buyers prefer to buy online once they have decided what to buy.

In this context of digital transformation, leading B2B companies now give high priority to e-commerce and m-commerce, and use the same weapons as their B2C counterparts to continue growing and offer value added.

E-commerce as B2B growth driver

In short, e-commerce offers the following advantages for B2B companies:

  • Increase the scope of new customer acquisition through online marketing.
  • Up to date, simpler product presentation as support for sales and marketing.
  • Self-oriented service for existing customers.
  • Increased standardisation and automation of supply chain.
  • Reduction in the proportion of distribution costs in price calculation.
  • Increased efficiency in work processes.
  • Reduction of internal error sources and less-time consumption.
  • Internationalisation of businesses in a more simple way.
  • Increase conversation rates and brand loyalty.

These points reveal both saving and growth potential, which should be leveraged by B2B companies to not lag behind.

Make the most of your B2B online shop

In this sense B2B companies now require e-commerce competencies to favour an omni-channel, interactive, and self-oriented experience at any time, in the same way one is used to from B2C. Precisely, our updated white paper aims to show B2B companies which options are out there in order to profit within the digital landscape.

To launch a B2B online shop is the most effective way to put e-Commerce and m-Commerce in place. It simplifies and accelerates the whole customer journey by saving time and costs, and reducing complexity.

During the process, digital contents and digital connections should be integrated smoothly into the system landscape, following a sustainability point of view. PIM, ERP, API capabilities, CRM systems and e-Commerce systems should be taken into account in order to make easier find products, tailor the customer shopping experience, display complex product lists, take the leap to international markets in a simpler way and automatise processes, changing the way B2B supply chains operate.

Last but not least, to achieve a better user experience it is advisable to using a customer-orientated approach crystallized in world-class features and customer interaction capabilities.

Similarly, marketing automation strategies are needed to integrate the increasing number of channels that marketers must manage. With those, lead generation, segmentation and customer retention will be streamlined.

As can be noted, digitalisation demands changes that B2B companies must face immediately. However this process requires time and critical decisions that only a team of experts (generally from an agency like dotSource) can manage properly. Successful projects for clients like BayWa, hagebau, and Würth speak for themselves.

B2B becomes digital

The white paper »E-Commerce Potential in B2B – What can e-commerce and m-commerce do for your business?« lets companies build up e-commerce competencies to profit and succeed in an increasingly digital economy. The most relevant facts and figures provided let readers become more aware of the importance of e-commerce and m-commerce as channels that not only drive sales and growth but also reduce complexity.

Furthermore, to show how best-in-class features can simplify the customer journey and facilitate purchase decision-making in complex landscapes, user experience and usability also have a central place in this white paper. Take action, download this white paper now for free and start to build a B2B digital success story! This update is currently available in German.

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