Retail as a Service: No Sales, Just Experiences [5 Reading Tips]

Retail as a Service
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People keep saying stationary retail is dead. But that’s not really the case. True to the motto »Transform or die!«, The role of branch locations is being redefined and promoted through innovative store concepts. Stationary businesses are no longer seen as just a sales instrument, but they are increasingly developing into service points.

The focus is therefore no longer solely on selling at any price, but to quench the thirst for information typical of the discovery phase and to arouse curiosity. For this, new branch concepts rely on a lot of technology and a small, frequently changing product range.

It is even desirable that customers come to the store, look at products there and try things out before they finally go back without having bought anything. The thought behind this? If the experience remains positive, the purchase will eventually be made through any channel.

All of this promises and enables a new concept, which is becoming more and more prevalent, especially in the United States: Retail as a service. What’s behind it, which success stories are paving the way, and why this approach for manufacturers and brands can be so attractive, will be clarified for you in this article.

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AI and IoT in the stores of the future [5 Reading Tips]

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Everyone’s been talking about artificial intelligence but only it is less often actually out there in use outside of the general hype. No one doubts that the technology has great potential, for example, to create individualised shopping experiences in shops, as well as to simplify and optimise the work in each case.

But how realistic is the use of smart solutions in retail and what use cases have the best chance of flourishing?

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