MWC19 – What trends are shaping the digital future? [5 Reading Tips]

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MWC 2019 in Barcelona has long been more than just a show for the communications industry. It’s one of the world’s largest storefronts of the latest trends and innovations, as well as all kinds of technological solutions and services for mobile users (private as well as business).

This year at MWC19, “Intelligent Connectivity” was the motto. The emphasis was on an interface between “hyper-connectivity” enabled by 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT), and “intelligence” through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data. In addition to the core elements of intelligent connectivity, MWC19 is dedicated to content, digital trust, digital wellness, and the future. With that in mind, John Hoffman, CEO at GSMA, said:

The combination of superfast 5G networks, the Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence will drive innovation that’ll affect almost every aspect of our lives, from highly efficient transportation systems to intelligent farming and cloud gaming

Looking back on the most interesting and hotly discussed aspects out of Barcelona, today we’d like to address, amongst others, the following questions: What’ll the future look like? And how are these technological advances (already) translated into practice?

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4 trends that go beyond mobile and should not be missed out [5 Reading Tips]

Quelle: Dino Quinzani & (bearbeitet von dotSource)
Source: Dino Quinzani & (edited by dotSource)
Last week a new edition of the Mobile World Congress took place in Barcelona to present the latest trends in the mobile industry. Although this year there were neither many stellar presentations of gadgets nor excessively prominent visitors , it can be said that mobile is the connecting element in which advanced technologies come together to prompt new ecosystems such as the connected car.
The use of smartphones as constant companions coupled with a better quality of internet connection result in a multiscreen world: According to a study presented by Google, 24% of consumers indicate that they usually access the Internet through three devices (smartphone, tablet and laptop or computer).
These two indicators prove that mobile is reaching digital maturity. But, apart from reaching this conclusion, the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry gave a glimpse of the most important trends for this year. Let’s dive into it!

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