3D Printing Is Shaking Up The Manufacturing Industry [5 Reading Tips]

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Photo from Reimund Bertrams on Pixabay

Parts for cars and aeroplanes and even implants for humans… All could be manufactured on demand with 3D printing. 3D printing/manufacturing is getting trendy again. According to market research firm IDC, four out of ten manufacturers will utilise it in the next three to five years. Factors contributing to the boom include advances in hardware and software as well as an increasing variety of materials that can be used in such processes.

3D printing or additive manufacturing is becoming a major pillar of the fourth industrial revolution. More and more manufacturing companies are discovering 3D printing technology for themselves. Which sectors are using it more and more today? And more importantly, what are its strengths compared to traditional manufacturing approaches?

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3D printing on the way to consolidation [5 Reading Tips]

AA+W - Fotolia
AA+W – Fotolia
3D printing (3DP) is a term well known by the industry. It emerged strongly as a boom a few years ago when it seemed like 3DP was going to have the same big impact on our lives as the email had at the expense of letters. Even Deloitte stated in 2012 that 3DP was going to disrupt manufacturing. However, 3DP has left the foreground and enjoys an apparent stillness as it is not clear what its real potential is.

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