Not a question of fairness – Amazon’s special conditions for manufacturers

Amazon Hersteller
Graphic: Jimmy Brown

According to Bloomberg, a study from the market research institute L2 have brought to light the fact that Amazon privileges selected brand manufacturers. This was viewed as a great scandal on the Amazon Watchblog, fairness is apparently something different. It is not only in the power games with publishers that it is clear just how hard and how far from fair Amazon handles. The thumb screws are being applied to Verdi as well, with deliveries simply coming from Eastern Europe.

Aside from this is the creation of privileges for manufacturers, is to be seen especially in the context of the general discussions on manufacturers in e-commerce. These are often still approaching e-commerce with the hand break on so as to not make enemies of their trading partners. But for how much longer? The first uproars of manufacturers, who don’t want to sell their products on market places via third party providers anymore, are currently being quashed by multiple court decisions. It was only last week that the court in Frankfurt questioned Deuter’s selective operating system, with which the backpack manufacturer wanted to prohibit sales via marketplaces.

Of course Amazon is right there to shake hands with manufacturers. If the competition cannot be decreased then they’ll just ally with their previous enemy. That way they can at least control sales via a market place and retain more freedom in the representation of their brand

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