Google Opens Shop in London


Search engine Google has been copying Microsoft and Apple for the fast few days and has opened a shop-in-shop in Tottenham, London. But Google doesn’t use this game plan purely for the sale of Nexus smartphones or Chromebooks. However, it is not the off-line shop’s aim to save stationary trade.

Interaction with the customer

Instead, the search engine operator is boasting that the stationary shop will allow the customer to interact with the products and the Google brand better. Off-line contact with the customer in this form has been unknown at Google up to now, so it is exciting to see how the Londoners will accept to the shop-in-shop. Apart from that, Google can start a good offline marketing campaign with the shop and change customers’ market perception of Google/Android. Rocket Internet are trying out something similar in Berlin at the moment with a bill board advertisement: Gain trust through a presence in the real world. It’s worked well so far for Apple and the Genius Bar.


More Shops Are Planned

Google is planning more shops in the UK for 2015 – depending on how it goes. The company is not only jointing off-line shop operators Apple and Microsoft, eBay has also experimented with temporary stores and Amazon rented a shop floor last year in New York.

Are we coming back full circle?

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