Google Glass Enterprise: The Glasses Return – Applications for B2B

Google Glass
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At, people have noticed the FCC certification of a new Google device. It is highly likely that nothing other than the new Google Glass edition hides behind the codename GG1. Contrary to popular opinion and hopes among “Glass” fans that a consumer launch is being prepared, the signs point to B2B.

From the orbit of Google comes the rumor that people are talking about the “enterprise edition” or “Google Glass EE” in light of the new focus. This is no surprise:

Firstly, one of the biggest hurdles for the data glasses was not technical, but was our way of interacting socially. The suspicion of being filmed has urged some opponents of the glasses to actual attacks. The fact that you can see who has enough money for a Bluetooth toy costing $1500 has also lead to a bad atmosphere in Silicon Valley.

Secondly, the fields of application (and so also potential growth) in B2B are endless. Work processes can be structured in new and more efficient ways. For instance, pickers in logistics centres would have both hands free and no longer need a hand scanner if they worked with Google Glass. Gartner called “Pick by Vision” one of the then most important strategic IT technologies in the years to come.

According to this source, Glass Enterprise should be introduced at the end of the year. Thanks to technology from Jena, will the glasses soon be viable without a projector infront of the lenses?

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