Getting there faster: digital transformation in traffic

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Cars are already driving-computers. But digital transformation will influence the pleasure of driving in the future even more strongly. There are already attempts to warn drivers with live traffic services and offer them alternative routes. Google has gone a step further with the self-driving car – a car which is steered by a computer.


Getting to the customer faster

Traffic jams don’t just affect private people, but couriers as well. A lot of money gets lost when the transporter gets stuck on the highway. People try to avoid or lessen jams with dynamic speed displays, live traffic services, or by opening up the emergency lane during peak hours. The more sensors on the vehicle or route, the more can be learned about the traffic flow and the more it can be improved. The correct departure time, an alternative route, and the perfect speed would be provided with the customer’s order. Interaction with other vehicles could be an early indication of danger, such as a non-secured accident site. The package wouldn’t just reach its destination faster, but more securely as well.

Self-driving cars for marketers

Self-driving cars could also facilitate a seamless delivery process. However, I would like to quickly mention another advancement in the self-driving car. Based on the articles of the MarketingLand-Blog, time is a valuable commodity. The target groups’ time is also important for marketing campaigns. The more there is, the more you can play to the customer and convince them about your product.

Self-driving cars create time, which is why they should not be ignored by the marketing branch. As a future service, Google has already confirmed that “a lot of partners” would be required for the implementation of self-driving cars. A new market is being created here, the development of which should be on the radar of markers when it comes to future marketing campaigns.

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