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Studies are often pages-long and weighed down with numbers. We extract all the important data from studies or infographics and prepare it for our visitors. This always provides Handelskraft readers with all the relevant statistics, data, and facts at a glance. Apart from this, we also interpret the data and facts, identifying new trends or developments within the e-commerce scene.

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    10 years of Spotify: How a digital platform succeeds [5 reading tips]

    Posted on 15. October 2018 by .
    spotify, playlist, screenshot

    Photo by Jean on Unsplash (bearbeitet von dotSource)

    Music has always been part of my everyday life. Through the good times, and the bad. During special moments I won’t forget. It has the power to shape every moment with the right notes and melodies. It has only recently become possible to have a limitless catalogue of music with you at all times – and when Spotify launched in October 2008 they made it possible. A lot has changed in ten years. Today, Spotify does even more than just music streaming. Let’s take a look at their track record and explain what other companies can learn from it to drive their digital business.


    Five B2B e-commerce trends: What’s coming in the age of platforms

    Posted on 11. October 2018 by .
    Photo by Anthony Ginsbrook on Unsplash

    Photo by Anthony Ginsbrook on Unsplash

    The platform age is fractured, not just for B2C but also for B2B commerce. That was the focus of this year’s ECC Forum on April 12th at the BALLONI Hallen in Cologne, that we got to attend. We got to eavesdrop of presentations from large retailers and manufacturers like Conrad Electronic and Gabor Shoes. Furthermore, we got to exchange ideas and knowledge about new e-commerce developments with many different other retailers, manufacturers, and other digital experts. That helps us summarise what the five trends in the platform age are for you.


    Companies using agile methods [5 reading tips]

    Posted on 8. October 2018 by .
    scrum, agil, projektmanagement


    German companies are fit for the digital transformation from the inside out. Not just external macro data such as the status quo of the online retail has proven this. Working methods and internal organisation are adapting to the pace of the digital world. Agile methods are no longer empty promises. On the contrary: Every other major company already relies on agile project management, as a from Bitkom Research makes clear (German only).


    The status quo of German online retail: Keeping an eye on omnichannel [5 reading tips]

    Posted on 24. September 2018 by .
    visier, blick, fernglass

    Source: Photo by Freddy Marschall on Unsplash

    After Summer is over and September rolls around, opportunities to review fresh input and goals come around. Events (like #dmexco) help businesses and decision-makers continually listen to the market and give guidance heading into the last quarter of the year. Market figures also serve as a basis for intensifying or adjusting business strategies.

    Of course, the question arises, how fit is German online retail, which online shops are at the top, and what lessons can be learned?

    Statista’s and the EHI Retail Institute’s annual study “E-Commerce-Markt Deutschland 2018” (Germany’s E-Commerce Market in 2018) provides answers.


    Take Part. Connect. Level Up. Handelskraft Conference 2019

    Posted on 18. September 2018 by .
    Handelskraft Conference 2018 Cover Photo Teaser Blog Post

    Source: dotSource

    Brick by brick – What’s always important for the construction of a home is also true for the development and expansion of digital projects: Go step by step – because it’s no longer just about recognising that the future is digital. The foundation has been laid. In fact, it is the decisive steps after laying the foundation for further development and expansion. It is exactly at this point in the digital experience that we want to meet with the attendees at the Handelskraft Conference 2019 in Frankfurt am Main.


    20 years of Google: Happy Birthday! Let’s look deep into our crystal ball.

    Posted on 4. September 2018 by .
    Glaskugel fernblick

    Source: pexels

    Google, we’re not getting any younger! Two decades have passed since the founding of the Internet giant. In our series »20 Years of Google«, we have looked at the history of the company in recent weeks. The »G« of »GAFA«, like others, started in the garage and in two decades changed the face of the Internet.

    And end to their longstanding success probably won’t happen anytime soon, as Google, despite setbacks, manages to succeed overall.


    New white paper: »Content Management Systems and Providers Compared« including the dotSource vendor matrix

    Posted on 30. August 2018 by .
    dotSource White Paper Selecting Content Management Systems, CMS Providers and Systems Compared

    Source: dotSource

    The goals of content marketing are, on one hand, customer acquisition and retention, on the other hand, the better positioning of the brand. Unlike traditional marketing methods, such as display ads, content marketing doesn’t necessarily focus on a company’s products. Rather, it is about providing relevant target groups with informative and useful content in order to convince them to pay attention to and buy from your own company and brand. It should, therefore, become established as an integral part of every marketing strategy for every company.


    New white paper: “Selecting Customer Relationship Software” including the dotSource Vendor Matrix

    Posted on 19. July 2018 by .
    Source: dotSource

    Source: dotSource

    At a time when the availability of products and services has become a standard across countless providers through digital channels, customer loyalty is increasingly becoming a privilege for both retailers and manufacturers. A strong relationship with the customer is the key to long-term business success.

    So how does customer loyalty lead to success? Targeted customer orientation based on the principle of personalisation can systematically cultivate customer relationships. The documentation, administration, and profitable preparation of the necessary data, however, requires the sophisticated technological support of a CRM solution suitable for the company.

    In our new white paper, “Selecting Customer Relationship Management Software” we’ll provide an overview of the basic characteristics of customer relationship management, a guide to system evaluation, and a detailed overview of system vendors on the market. For examples, solutions from companies like Sugar CRM should be considered for small and medium-sized companies, SAP for medium and large companies, and Salesforce for any company, regardless of size.


    Digital Business Compass: Handelskraft 2018 »Moving Towards Digital Excellence« Now available to download

    Posted on 13. June 2018 by .
    Source: dotSource

    Source: dotSource

    Handelskraft celebrated its eleventh anniversary and we proudly looked back on a productive 2017 full of experiments and innovations. But more important than the past is the future. Especially in digital business, interactive retail, time passes twice as fast and one can hardly believe that the times in which a webshop was the ultimate solution of the digital transformation, are hardly a decade old. In the meantime, digitisation means the seamless interaction of people and machines in marketing, sales, and services across all channels – online and offline.

    In order to meet the demands of networked customers, whether as consumers in B2C or business customers in the B2B sector, entrepreneurs need to think outside the box. What brought enthusiasm a few years ago is now expected by customers, partners, and employees alike. The quality of the digital user experience decides more and more about the entrepreneurial success. Their excellent implementation requires know-how!

    The changes are immense and the challenges for retailers and manufacturers are technically, organisationally, and culturally diverse. So we are all the happier and proud to publish our sixth Trend Book in a row, with this edition also being the first also available in English, with Handelskraft 2018 »Moving Towards Digital Excellence« we are happy to provide leaders from business, e-commerce, sales, marketing, IT, and digital decision makers with a free compass for their digital business, that gives them a concrete overview of the most important digital trends, innovations and industry developments, without getting lost in the buzzword jungle.


    SAP – The twelfth man in the club

    Posted on 24. May 2018 by .
    Torhüter Fussball

    Source: pexels

    Football and digitisation: For most, this means a controversial video referee from Cologne or goalkeeping technology. But a digital transformation is taking place in many areas, on the turf and next to the field. Since 2014, the world’s most popular sports club and the largest European software manufacturer have formed the perfect team from storefronts into the roof of the net. Together with SAP, FC Bayern Munich is trying to digitise every corner of their club and to take advantage of big data.


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