B2B too difficult to crack? Google shopping for suppliers is offline

As I learned from Martin Groß-Albenhausen at the last Handelskraft B2B commerce breakfast, Google Shopping for Suppliers has been history since the 20th of June.

Google Shopping for Suppliers Offline
Screenshot from 1.10.2014. No longer available.

The B2B aspirations of Google (Google Shopping for Suppliers) and Amazon (Amazon Supply) don’t seem to have taken off as well as (even we) expected.

The reason for this could be that the requirements in B2B are more various than in B2B. After all, here customers are rarely one individual. According to position, staff in buying centres have different requirements and are not interested in the world of the others. You won’t get very far here with a generalised approach.

The strength of the bench marks in B2B commerce lie in the details: delivery directly to the building site, varying prices according to delivery times, product display right down to the smallest detail, services and guarantees which greatly exceed B2C standards. And every branch and every company has its own requirements.

Generalists like Google and Amazon will have to chip away at this for a while. They may be everywhere, but do they have enough breath left for B2B?

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