Amazon takes off: Patent registration for drone delivery sytem published

Everyone knows that Amazon have been testing a new kind of delivery via drone for a long time, so that they have delivery to customers as quickly as possible. But the patent for Amazon’s drone delivery system has new been published.

The patent gives the first detailed view into this risky venture. Amazon Prime Air customers are supposed to be able to communicate their whereabouts via an app. The drones are supposed to be able to land and take-off with the help of various sensors, e.g. radar, sonar, infrared, as well as a camera.

The drones communicate with each other

The “Unmanned Aerial Vehicles” (UAV) also collect data on the weather and environment. This information is not just used for a UVA’s calculations, but is also passed on to other drones in the area. This system seems to be more complex than anyone has envisioned up to now. There are supposed to be stations with the infrastructure, which supply the drones with electricity so that they can fly to distant locations. I

Kommunikationsnetzwerk von Amazon Prime Air
Amazon Prime Air communication network

Most of all, it is the location of the customer which could change the nature of delivery in the future, because you will be able to receive packages without being tied down to a fixed delivery location – as long as you have a functional smartphone with you. In the patent, they also write about delivery to special stations.

Konzept einer UI für die Prime Air App
UI concept for the Prime Air app

No one knows how long Amazon will need to implement this complex system. Apart from the technical questions, sensitizing the customer to UAVs is another whole step Amazon has to take. The e-commerce journey also still has to convince us in the matters of flight security and privacy.

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