A Big Thank You for a Wonderful First Jana E-Commerce Breakfast

Thuringia (and especially Jena) doesn’t have to hide! That much was clear after the last Handelskraft e-commerce breakfast for 2014. Together with 15 local traders and manufacturers, we discussed the future of e-commerce with Jochen Krisch. We talked about more than just Amazon or even e-commerce in general.

After all, the challenges are growing well beyond the framework of e-commerce. All businesses have to address the topic of digitalen Transformation and the discussion has long included areas such as online marketing or data management. The cross-overs are increasing on the technical and strategic levels and the direction this journey could take is demonstrated by branch trail blazers, such as “About You.”

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Jochen Krisch also warned that thinking in the area of mobile is often too short-sighted. Mobile scenarios and how business models should adjust to them consist of more than providing mobile payment and couponing. The differences between the requirements of regular vs. occasional customers in the discussion on services are far too often forgotten.

But after these exciting impulses there was still plenty of demand for exchange. The breakfast round in Jena was distinguished by their great desire for discussion – the breakfast went until lunch! A big thank you to all guests for their lively participation and we look forwards to the next upcoming events which will be announced soon.


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