The Mobile Revolution is at the door – finally!

Photo: Karlis Dambrans

There has been a lot of discussion and writing over the past few years on the topic, but it is now just starting to really take off: the internet is becoming mobile. Going online with a smartphone has nothing to do with a lack of better possibilities any more. We are currently at the point where the mobile user experience is changing from a bother to an actual experience.

As soon as mobile really starts to be fun, it accelerates development in this direction further. Up to now, it was more the foundation for it that was developed, in order to facilitate comfortable use and adjusted mobile content.

Now things are really taking off. In light of the impressive growth rates in mobile payment in Germany, this cannot be denied.

The »mobile mind shift« is happening

Most mobile user scenarios are still located at home, but flexible purchase is starting to become reality. The expectation that information required is easily available in tailored form on your smartphone at the drop of a hat is part of everyday life for many people and affects their thinking and behaviour.

Forrester Consulting talks about the so-called »mobile mind shift«: the expectation of getting what you want, tailored to your current context, exactly then when you need it.

This turns »mobile moments« into »micro moments«, when just a glance at your smartphone is enough to get the information you need. Consumers show themselves to be increasingly bored by complex application, at least if their current need is simple.

This is why the number of apps actually used per smartphone has diminished to an average of five.

Mobile is a matter of hygiene, Google makes sure of that

Every manufacturer and trader who is serious about e-commerce should make sure that their shop can be accessed via mobile.The use of mobile end devices is taken for granted more and more, whether in a B2B or B2C context. Companies like Zalando have been reporting mobile traffic of over 40% for a long time. If you wait now, you’ll miss your opening.

It is not surprising that Google has weighed in here. After »mobilegeddon«, the next update in on the cards: Google is currently testing adjusting websites to that they are optimised for mobile.

And the next hype, wearable technology, is already in the house: smartwatches are the hype right now and even if the Glass programme has been put on ice for the moment, almost every third person older than 14 can imagine using a pair of smart glasses like Google Glass.

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