The Evolution of the Fashion Industry: Zalando has also Discovered the Crowd

Zalando styleIRL
Screenshot: Zalando @ Instagram

E-Commerce is is moving the fashion world to news ways of thinking – and vice versa. You feel this in the way fashion topics often outweigh everything else at innovation oriented conferences.

E-Commce has long been more than just a sales channel; it offers fashion retailers and brands new opportunities to present themselves. From a customer perspective, online shops have transformed from a more comfortable catelogue order and way to cover your needs to source of inspiration.

Recently, development has been taking the next steps: fashion traders are increasingly bringing everyone involved in the fashion world together on their platforms. Brands, trendsetters and customers make a fashion lifestyle a shared, tangible experience.

Nothing works without fashion bloggers, photos from the crowd, and social media platforms like Instagram and Interest anymore.

And while shoe veteran Deichmann has already brought the third blogger collection to the market, Zalano is waking up and opening up to the crowd: with Style In Real Life, they’re giving the “model” next door an immediate platform. The buy button is hot on its heels.

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