The Buy Button is Coming from all Sides – Should Traders Panic?

Online shopping of the future. There are as many opinions on this as there are experts. Selling out of the SERPs pr Pinterest Post, or Twitter timeline is sure to be a topic which interests everyone, whether it catches on or not.

After Twitter and Google’s experimentation with the buy button for a long time, not to mention Facebook’s consistent e-commerce ambitions, image platforms Pinterest is getting on board on a grand scale and realising “buyable pins”:

At the moment, it is only possible in the USA and via an iOS app. But the foundation will remain – an online shop is left out of the transaction. In the future, it will also be possible to purchase out of videos on youtube.

This worries traders, and with good reason. What place do online traders have in a world in which the large players are increasingly trying to have the complete value creation chain on their own platform?

This question will occupy us more and more in the future.

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