Glass App for Trade: Google takes the wind out of Tesco’s Sails

Tesco Glass App
Graphic: Tesco Labs – Screenshot

Google is used to making the rules, not just in online marketing. This was visible with Tesco – they just introduced a shopping app, supposed to allow customers to shop via Google Glass, which is now a product without any purpose because Google announced a stop to the sale of the data glasses that same week. The project “Glass” will continue and pass on to some departments, but no more details have made it to the public. There are even rumours that Google might have failed.

We think this is a pity. It would have been exciting to see how the increasing entry of the internet of things into trade (be it Amazon Dash, Amazon Echo or the recently introduced Gilette Box with reordering function) got new wind from the Glass app. It was basically only a matter of time before an app for this scenario was introduced. It is also unsurprising that Tesco submitted it. The company has been positioning itself as a pioneer in virtual reality for years, be it with QR-code billboards or a virtual store, which you can enter with Oculus Rift.

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