Gartner survey reveals: Hybris is one of the best digital commerce platforms

Grafik:Maria Elena
Graphic:Maria Elena

In a survey by consulting company Gartner with the title “Critical Capabilities for Digital Commerce” the three shop systems: Hybris from SAP, Intershop and Demandware do especially well. Hybris even managed to get first place in all three rated categories. Its capabilities as a multi-channel B2C-, Global B2C- and B2B platform were examined.

What was rated

To answer the question, which shop system is leading the way in digital commerce at the moment, Gartner did not just ask their own, but also reference customers of the providers. Additionally, they analyzed the systems in each of the three categories for the following factors:

  • Handling organisational and brand complexity: how hard it is to implement complex sales structures and correspondingly set-up a fitting shop? The possibility of selling different products types, like physical good and/or services plays a role. On top of this there are criteria like the personalisation of products.
  • Internationalisation possibilities: This criterion examines the difficulty of acting internationally with a platform, e.g. integrating different languages, addresses, currencies, and units of measurements. This is an especially important criterion for global players.
  • Shop personalisation in B2C: it comes down to individual customer address here: can the look and feel itself be determined, are settings saved and are there wish lists? Above all, personalised customer addressed is important in the area of B2C!
  • Shop personalisation in B2B: how good is the customer address for business customers? important features in the area of B2B are predominately customer specific shop adjustment, management of different customer attributes and the order process, with pre-prepared order forms in the best case.
  • Multichannel support: are sales on multiple channels supported well enough? The management and connection of channels, for instance on mobile devices, is decisive here.

Gartner examined the best digital commerce platforms on the basis of these criteria…and they found that…

Hybris sweeps the board in every category

The SAP daughter company and shop systems Hybris secured the first place in both B2C categories and in the area of B2B. Hybris did particularly well in “Digital Store Localization”. The software-as-a-service solution Demandware could also position itself in the top positions, and even placed 0.1 points after Hybris in the category “Digital Store Localization”.

Graphic: Gartner
Graphic: Gartner

Apart from Demandware, IBM Websphere and Intershop can also be found in top places. Both shop systems did especially well with the criterion multichannel.

Grafik: Gartner
Graphic: Gartner

The eBay Magento Enterprise Edition faired a littel worse. Strong cuts had to be made, particularly in the area of B2B. Whether or not this will be different with Magento 2 remains to be seen. BTW, the system with the worst results is Volusion, getting the lowest rating in all categories. Systems like Oxid, Shopware and Spryker were not included in the survey.

The perfect supplement to the Gartner survey!

shopsystem auswahlAll graphics, data, and rating of the digital commerce platforms are available here. In our whitepaper on shop system selection we examine Intershop, Magento and the other systems against further criteria, like cost, scalability, and performance. Our whitepaper is available as a free dowload and completes the Gartner survey introduced here.

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  1. I have been also using SAP Hybris platform from last one year and can definitely say it is the best ecommerce platform for B2B and B2C companies. Thanks for sharing!!

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