“Mobile Effects” Study shows mobile status quo in Germany

“Is your mobilephone a smartphone?” Second Screen, tablet commerce, browsers vs apps – trends and topics in mobile web are still unchartered territory. In addition, the divide between the possibilities and the actual acceptance rate in Germany is increasing further. Not without reason, on regital.de Hagen Fiskeck asked if we will become a country of … Continue reading "“Mobile Effects” Study shows mobile status quo in Germany"

Fashion trade: how are young people shopping?

Where have all the teenagers gone? This was how the New York Times headlined recently. It is high time to focus on the young target groups. How are young people shopping? Why are American retailers struggling at the moment and what is the situation with developments in Germany?

Sustainability movtives customers to change

The national association of e-commerce and shipping trade Germany (bevh) started an initiative for the topic sustainability this year. According to the association, around 35 percent of all member companies are already committed to sustainability and accept corporate responsibility for the environment and for society. The associated task force has already met: