Digital Commerce: nothing works without video anymore, especially Sundays

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Photo: Venturist

Even in 2015, Sunday is a day off. And how do we use this free time? That’s right, we take even longer virtual shopping tours. According to statistics from the e-commerce technology company Invodo, this can be seen in the consumption of product videos on Sundays.

This is good for conversion: it is more probable, by a factor of 1.6, that visitors buy a product if they have viewed a video beforehand. It is especially videos on the product details pages that are viewed: 17 percent of visitors vs. 10 percent on the start page.

Several conclusions can be drawn from these numbers: the central importance of high quality visual content in a shop is once again highlighted. Those who do not yet work with video desperately need to catch up here, whether in in B2B or B2C.

And secondly, it confirms that Sunday in the e-commerce day. This makes it even more absurd that customers can only expect limited service on this day!

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