Conversion: The art of achieving the definite click

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Have you ever wondered in which way consumers are motivated to shop? How do they make their decisions? What aspects would be fundamental for a customer to effectively purchase on your website and complete all the stages till the end? Will they come back? Or will they recommend your website to others?

What does really matter?

Beyond how much visitors you get, what really matters nowadays is how you can guide them to do what you would like them to do. That is why conversion is so important in e-commerce and online marketing, because it is the key starting point that makes the difference between a simple visit and a purchase or a submission to a newsletter or online magazine.

In order to get such an essential response from your visitors some conversion optimization actions should be implemented, and some metrics should also be taken into account. Many interesting subjects such as functionality, consumption psychology and neuromarketing analyse and study how to affect the unconscious decision process of the customer significantly.

These areas basically pursue relevance, trust, orientation, motivation, and comfort to win the customers’ loyalty and interest from the beginning until the end. Actually, according to a survey made by Brainsins in 2015, 71% of shoppers improve the perception of a brand when they see a positive response to a review on social networks.

For this reason, it is also important not to lose sight of the so-called “conversion funnel” if you want to optimize this path. A web shop conversion funnel can look like this:

Conversion funnel

The figure above shows that every micro conversion is important.

Trendy conversion actions

In parallel, it’s essential to keep up to date and know the latest trends because the actions in this field are developing very fast.

Customers like to feel valued. 90% of marketers believe that individualised marketing is the future because it enables brands to build significant interactions with their customers.

  • In line with this, websites increasingly offer personalised content depending on their customers’ location, taste, and shopping behavior. Measures like this can cause a major increase of conversion rates.
  • If I put myself in the shoes of a shopper who uses multiple devices to access to Internet, I would like my favorites brands to take the numerous possibilities that mobiles offer more into account. Actually, Europe has the highest smartphone penetration in the world, so more and more companies are developing mobile optimization improvements.

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