Consumers expect cross channel shopping

Grafik: Roberto Verzo
Graphic: Roberto Verzo

It is important to many customers that wares be available both on and off line. Mulichannel traders score especially with young and female customers. According to the ebay study on the future of trade >>Zukunft des Handels<<, 74 percent of users find it important to be able to shop off line, online and via mobile end devices. It is only unimportant for four percent.

Multichannel is relevant for anyone

The numbers also show that being able to shop on all channels is important for young people and women in particular: the younger the consumer, the more normal it is for them to use different channels.

Frauen geben mehr bei Multichannel-Händlern aus
Frauen geben mehr bei Multichannel-Händlern aus

(multichannel is important: highly important, less important, unimportant)
(Young and old both want multichannel: 14-29, 30-49, 50 and older)
(Multichannel is particularly important to women: highly important, less important, unimportant)

More women tick ‘highly important’ (78 percent) more than men (70 percent), however, in total having multiple options is has about the same importance for both sexes. The bevh also shows that women prefer multichannel traders over pure players.

14.73 milliard Euro turnover from women
7.15 milliard Euro through men

Frauen geben mehr bei Multichannel-Händlern aus
Women spend more with multichannel

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