Battle of the payment providers

Amazon is often the non plus ultra in e-commerce, regardless of the area. But in the field of payment gateways, the Etail company recently had to concede a bitter defeat. In general, the struggle in the payment market is hard, and in Germany it is fuelled by the imminent revolution in the mobile payment sector.

Amazon payment is too slow

Crowdfunding platform Kickstarter has terminated its collaboration with Amazon Payment, preferring to rely on Stripe instead. This is no minor customer loss for Amazon. According to Kickstarter, 3.3 million people supported projects in 2014 with half a million US dollars. That’s still 1,000 US dollars a minute. The reason for the change? Apparently, customers wanting to create new projects, complained about the speed of Amazon pay. It can take up to a week before an account is checked and approved. Stripe is supposed to improve on this. The payment service is already active on Facebook and Twitter.

Will mobile payment become mainstream?

Mobile payment in Germany long been propagated as the next big thing, but the hype could finally become reality in 2015. The crowd puller here could possibly be Apple Pay. Apple has often been able to bring niche technologies to success and could make mobile payment mainstream. Time will tell to what extent other services, such as Amazon Payment, Google Wallet, or PayPal will hit the German mobile sector.

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