Amazon Business: the Amazon principle works for B2B too

B2B is a hard nut to crack, Google and Amazon have had to learn this the hard way. Both first attempts “Google Shopping for Suppliers” and “Amazon Supply” are history. But while Google has introduced no follow-up project, Amazon is getting serious, sending “Amazon Business” into the race.

After the first stumbles and fumbles, Amazon has obviously picked themselves up again: where Amazon Supply was deliberately sterile,  Amazon Business is charged with the “Amazon Experience” and much more, as the into video explains:

The promise: the Amazon principle + B2B works

Amazon knows its USPs and makes it clear in the video that the same benefits we’re used to can now be expected in B2B as well: a shopping experience which is quick, reliable, simple, and well-priced, and which can provide products ranges from lots of traders thanks to the marketplace model.

On top of this, there are more B2B specific functions:

» It’s the same Amazon you know, plus tools and solutions to make business purchases easier und more cost effective than ever before. «

In concrete terms this means …

  • Track orders
  • Approve spending
  • Assign PO numbers
  • Choose who can place orders
  • Shared payment accounts and shipping addresses
  • Free two-day shipping
  • Special pricing on select items

You can get more information from the official info graphic on Amazon Business:

Graphic: Amazon Press

Amazon is poaching in the 1 billion US B2B market

Amazon is plunging into the competition with Staples and Costco for the 1 billion dollar B2B market in den USA. Amazon Supply could never trump with just 500,000 products. As they are betting on the marketplace model like in B2C, they need to raise the number of available products quickly.

There is some bad news for the competition and it could get worse: Amazon hasn’t introduced an equivalent to Prime for B2B yet – yet!

It is still unclear when Amazon Business will reach Germany.

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