5 tips for the perfect adwords advertisement

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Creating and managing advertisements is one of the main tasks of every SEA manager. A good, creatively designed ad text raises the click rate and brings more visitors to a page or shop. Optimising advertisements is not just important purely from a traffic perspective. The quality factor is also influenced by a high click-through rate, which has a positive influence on the ad ranking and cost per click.

Creative, precise and relevant

Every AdWords ad is divided in to the elements: ad title, text, and URL. Each element has a limited number of characters for formulating the advertisement message. Successful ad texts are creative, precise, relevant and appealing. Apart from the text itself, successful ads contain other elements as well:

Unique selling proposition (USP)

Communicate special characteristics and services, like free shipping, good delivery capabilities, and a large selection to stand out from the competition.

Specials, discounts, rebates

Prices and specials should be communicated in order to maximise click rates and conversions, especially with specific products.

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Call to Action

Clear imperatives like >>buy, call, order, browse, inform, or get a quote<< also have a good effect on the CTR and provide secure expectations for the target page. Because of the limited number of characters, these imperatives should be clear and concise.

Keyword Integration

Keywords, integrated into the ad, are highlighted in bold with the right search enquiry. This signals heightened relevance for the user, which normally leads to a higher click rate. Trigger search terms can be integrated into the advertisement with dynamic keyword insertion (DKI). A spacer makes this possible, which you can place in all elements of the ad. The variable “{Keyword}: ……..” is embedded in, or replaces the actual text.

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Advertisement extension

You can expand text ads with additional information and make targeted use of them to raise the click rate. Relevant extensions in e-commerce include site links, call functions, and customer reviews (including aggregated reviewed from Trusted Shops or eKomi for instance).

Every ad group should be filed in several variations right from the start so that you find the best performing version for the campaign aims (clicks, sales, leads) via split testing.

Have you seen any great ads recently? What do you think of Adword’s new call-only campaigns? We’d like to hear what you have to say in the comments.

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