QVC Survey: Men are more likely to think about their girlfriends while doing their shopping than the other way around (Netfind)

Photo:Roderick Eime
Photo:Roderick Eime

On behalf of shopping channel QVC, YouGov interviewed 2050 German citizens about their shopping behaviour, asking them the following question:
“What would you most likely buy if you got 500€ to go shopping?”

The outcome is almost revolutionary: apparently women aren’t shoe addicts at all, but rather spend their money on clothes. Wow!

Even their own partners lose out to the “passion for fashion”; only one out of ten women (ten percent) would also buy something for her boyfriend. In contrast to that, one out of five men (21 percent) would think about his girlfriend in the first place, if he got 500€.

There are even more thrilling results I don’t want to keep back:

  • Women prefer to do their shopping together, especially with a friend
  • Shopping makes hungry: dining out is part of the shopping tour for every fourth woman
  • Technical items are at the top of the male shopping list (32 percent)

Why this survey states nothing at all

While all men can now claim to have always known it, I would like to express my doubts about the survey’s significance. Instead of actually asking the interviewees about their shopping behaviour of the past months, it only examined their reactions to a “what if” scenario. So the results are also only valid in the context of this scenario and not in general.

What’s more, in most cases money received as a present is spent in different ways than hard-earned money.

There are also numerous surveys leading to the conclusion that women consider the needs of their friends, families, partners, and children while doing their shopping, and rarely shop only for themselves.

Nice try, QVC! :P

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