Netto eStores: A move to the most excellent cross-channel experience in record time

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Some work best under the pressure of time. Especially when it comes to e-commerce projects, we all know how important it is to keep up with the times when it comes to demands and trends, as well as literally being on time. Both levels can only be justified if internal and external conditions are right. In other words: Both processes and employee responsibilities in the company, as well as the system and technology framework must be well thought out or compatible. What this theory looks like in practice is shown in record time by the project we implemented together with our client Netto eStores.

Netto eStores – Next Level Multi-Client Platform

Netto eStores (NeS) GmbH was created within the framework of Kaiser’s-Tengelmann takeover by Edeka. It embodies the e-commerce division of Netto Marken-Discount AG & Co. KG. and includes the shops,, and Already the then Tengelmann EStores GmbH approached dotSource to migrate the multi-client platform from Intershop 6 to Intershop 7 in order to integrate the previously based on Oxid PHP net online shop on the existing platform. For the Netto platform, this meant a complete technology change including the connection of all relevant interfaces.

The project was implemented in close cooperation between Netto eStores and dotSource. Throughout the process, five experts of our digital natives supported the eight-person project team at Netto eStores. Thanks to extensive project experience, dotSource was not only able to provide the in-house development team at NeS GmbH the framework for a structured approach to a live job but also to be a mentor for the big picture.

» »The development of new digital channels always brings with it some cultural change in its own ranks. The dotSource development team not only assisted us in the project as a competent implementation partner but above all as a consultant and source of inspiration. Under professional guidance, we not only managed to master the challenge of changing the technical basis of our store but also to optimise our internal processes and take our own digital knowledge to the next level.«

Development Lead, NeS GmbH «

Next Level Agility

The project team was under enormous time pressure due to the immovable rollout appointment. Nevertheless, in order to be able to provide the shop on time and thus avoid customer and sales losses, the team oriented itself on the principle of minimum viable product (MVP). According to this basic idea, the focus on the implementation of the Netto online shop initially was on the mandatory basic functions. The expansion of the shop and the development of further features could take place without added time pressure after the initial release.

How can time pressure be handled better than with the right approach and modern tools, thus ensuring a coherent set of communication channels, systems and technologies to speed things up? Here there are agile methods like Scrum and modern e-collaboration tools like JIRA, Confluence, and Workplace.

Sharing knowledge is power

Within the framework of several workshops, the experts from dotSource provided NeS GmbH project participants with the necessary knowledge of the Scrum process, the associated roles and responsibilities in the team, and structured release management.

In order to guarantee flexibility in the development process and the best possible transparency for all project participants, regular tests, and possible redefinitions in various feedback sessions were on the program.

The establishment of agile techniques in the software development and delivery process was an essential part of the knowledge transfer. With the introduction of continuous integration and DevOps**, the NeS GmbH team was provided valuable tools for accelerated and error-free software development during the project.

With the modernized technology stack, NeS GmbH now has a high-performance online platform and thus a perfect basis for the further development of a modern cross-channel presence. already offers a combination of the discounter’s various services, including not only an online shop for non-food items but also the information platform for the local sales of certain store locations. The »shopping list« function supports customers in planning their weekly shopping in the sense of a cross-channel customer experience. is also well positioned on the content commerce side because, in addition to tips on sales in their favourite stores, customers also receive inspiration in the form of cooking tips and videos.


Next Level E-Food

Omni- multi-, or cross-channel – at first glance, these marketing concepts seem to be worn out. The idea of providing customers with a consistent and seamless customer experience across all channels isn’t an exactly new idea. However, new technologies are also providing more and more opportunities to take the omnichannel concept to the next level and to pick up customers at each touchpoint with personalised content to give them a unique shopping experience.

There is a lot of movement here, especially in the online food market. The market entry of Amazon Fresh has also encouraged many German supermarkets and discounters to take the e-food step and expand their offering to digital channels. Netto is also aware of this dynamic and, thanks to the successful project, is now moving on to an excellent cross-channel.

Download the case study now

netto-case-study-coverMore information about the project can be found in the Netto eStores Case Study. It can be downloaded here for free. The experts at dotSource are happy to advise and support you, be it in the development of individual digital strategies or the further development of existing processes. Contact us now.

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