Net Find: Man Power for the Smart Phone Battery

Grafik: Wankband
Graphic: Wankband

With their hilarious marketing idea, PornHub has often shown that it can do more than just manage a platform for pornographic films. PornHub is now taking things a step further and want to mix things up in the wearables scene with the Wankband. It might even work. Take a look at how the Wankband operates: when your arm moves up and down, the armband saves energy. Smartphones and tablets can then be plugged in and charged via USB.

The Wankband kills two birds with one stone. The sentence “I’m just going to charge my phone” also takes on a whole new meaning. According to PornHub, this shouldn’t just appeal to a male target group. If you want to try it out, you can register as a beta tester here (it’s fine to open the link at the office).

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