WhatsApp Business: What Do the New Features Have to Offer? [5 Reading Tips]

WhatsApp Business now has more than 50 million active users per month worldwide. The business version of the messaging service is used by more and more small companies to communicate with customers. But that’s not all! Recently, the Facebook subsidiary has also announced new features for WhatsApp Business. Is this the return of messenger marketing?

Cookies: There Will Soon Be No More Crunchy Fun in the Tracking Paradise [5 Reading Tips]

Starting in 2022, third-party cookies will be blocked in the Google Chrome browser due to changes in the GDPR. As a result, Google will change the way tracking works – just like Apple and Mozilla did before. Advertisers and online retailers therefore have to come up with something new to ensure a personalised approach. Find … Continue reading "Cookies: There Will Soon Be No More Crunchy Fun in the Tracking Paradise [5 Reading Tips]"

Hybrid Is the Future: Events Show How It Is Done [5 Reading Tips]

Trade fairs, congresses, sales: nothing will ever be the same again. Or will it? A study conducted by the Contact-Center-Network has identified some important consequences of the coronavirus pandemic: 70 per cent of those questioned would like to reduce their business travel. Events will suffer in particular.

Corona-Warn-App – What It Can Do and How It Works [5 Reading Tips]

Last week, the long-awaited and hotly debated Corona-Warn-App was launched in the app stores in Germany. Developers and innovators from all over Germany have worked on the app – on a voluntary basis so to speak. In this week’s reading tips, we will show you how the Corona-Warn-App works and what makes it so special.

Forwards Instead of Returns [5 Reading Tips]

Not only does shopping have to be faster, more personal and more exciting, it also has to be more sustainable and profitable. Ordering, trying it on, returning. This pattern is repeated far too often in Germany. To be exact: 487 million times.

Crisis Management: Do’s & Don’ts for Good Publicity [5 Reading Tips]

Effectively dealing with the pandemic and mitigating the adverse effects of the economic shutdown is quite a challenge for leading companies: they have to cope with high financial losses while providing support for others. The last few months have shown how leading companies successfully and sometimes less successfully face up to their social responsibility, how … Continue reading "Crisis Management: Do’s & Don’ts for Good Publicity [5 Reading Tips]"