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Social networks change the way we communicate. The social web offers new, interactive channels to reach customers more directly. These days, companies who want to be seen have profiles on networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Pinterest. Every branch has different possibilities to be seen in the social web. You can mainly get fashion products on Pinterest, while YouTube also introduces services. The right channel and a good posting schedule lead to a wider reach.

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The front page of the internet: social media marketing with Reddit

Grafik: Eva Blue
Graphic: Eva Blue

The birth place of viral campaigns or the front page of the internet – this is how Reddit is often labelled. The platform is a mixture of forum and social network. Users can put together their own personal newsfeed and receive information and links or pictures, for instance from the marketing world, via so-called subreddits. Reddit may still be struggling with monetisation for their idea, but marketers can already make use of this service for their own interests.

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